Mahindra Lifespaces is a real estate developer who has its projects in Pune, Chennai, Nagpur, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Faridabad. The group is dedicated to developing contemporary lifestyle destinations for its clients with their state-of-the-art living addresses featuring innovative amenities and conveniences.

Staying true to its core values of equity, inclusivity, equality and excellence from a sustainable financial perspective and a revolutionary vision, the Thane Group has implemented projects that have an area of four million square meters in the residential area, as well as in the commercial sectors. The company is currently working on the development of more than twenty million square meters located in Mumbai.

In the group, each individual strives to achieve operational excellence to create a paradigm shift in the expectations of consumers, developers and strives to contribute to the smallest changes in the definition of real estate in Mumbai. The company believes that manufacturing and design innovation is a formula, a process that creates a roadmap for excellence.

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